The future is today

Wincey India is particularly sensitive to environmental issues. We have a responsibility to demonstrate how a company can thrive while respecting the environment in which it operates. We  does business with a sustainable approach to business processes.

Since June 2019, Wincey India has been using exclusively cotton yarns with 80% of BCI (Better Cotton Initiative, the largest cotton sustainability program in the world). Each fabric can in fact be produced on request 100% with certified organic cotton.

In an area of ​​only 7 km Wincey India works the plasticization and twisting of the yarn, the weaving, the dyeing and finishing of the fabric, the dyeing and finishing of the textiles, that is the complete manufacturing process, from the yarn to the textiles finished.

100% of the industrial waste that comes from twisting and weaving is also reused for the production of rags. A particular sensitivity and attention to sustainability at every stage of processing, which distinguishes Wincey India in this area and raises it as a reference for entrepreneurship aimed at the future and innovation.